Boosting Engagement and Gaining More Followers Using Influencer Marketing Strategies.

Disciplines Used

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Branding


Fabulicious is a beauty salon in the United Arab Emirates.Their mission is to be a premier customer-centric salon chain that cordially welcomes all clients for an experience that takes them on a high in terms of excellent Hair, Beauty, and Skin treatments in a clean, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere to make their day amazing.


The main challenge for the case study was to come up with effective methods to increase the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram for Fabulicious, a beauty salon based in Dubai. The objective was to enhance the salon's social media presence and reach a wider audience on these platforms.

exceeding lead targets

To address the challenge of increasing the number of followers and reach for Fabulicious on Instagram and Facebook, we implemented strategies such as influencer marketing and branding. By leveraging the power of influencers in the beauty industry, we aimed to expand the salon's reach and attract new followers. Additionally, we focused on creating a strong brand identity for Fabulicious that would resonate with its target audience and help differentiate it from competitors on social media.


  • According to influencer marketing accounts reach had increased to +142% compared to the past few days.

  • 52.6% of followers are from Dubai.

  • There is +211% impressions got after the influence marketing.

  • Based on reach influencer Elizabeth Jacob has 340 reach followed by influencer Divya Sirnani has 335 reaches compared to other influencers.

  • 1605 that is +499% of people visited Instagram accounts after influence marketing.

  • 83 that is +499% of external link taps.


  • Facebook reach increased to 145%

  • 23.1% increase in post frequency compared to previous days.

  • After influencer marketing there was +129% increase in Facebook page visit.

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