Utilizing influencer marketing as a strategy to enhance reach, engagement, and foster brand awareness.

Disciplines Used

  • Influencer Marketing


Fabulicious is a premier beauty salon chain located in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. Their mission is to offer a customer-centric experience that warmly welcomes all clients, providing them with exceptional Hair, Beauty, and Skin treatments in a clean, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere, ultimately making their day truly amazing.

Committed to perfection, they continually strive to enhance the art of delivering outstanding services and experiences. Their goal is to serve with excellence, ensuring clients receive top-notch quality and satisfaction.

In order to enhance brand awareness and engage with their valued customers, they primarily utilize social media platforms. Through these channels, they aim to connect with their audience and create a meaningful presence in the beauty and salon industry.


Fabulicious faced the challenge of expanding its customer base, increasing customer interaction, and raising brand recognition in an intensely competitive market. Despite offering exceptional services and products, the salon struggled to reach a wider audience and effectively engage potential customers. Additionally, the salon’s brand awareness remained limited, hindering its ability to stand out amidst numerous competitors.

exceeding lead targets

On January 30th, influencer marketing was initiated. Following the influencer marketing campaign, there was a +107% increase in account reach on the Instagram account.


  • Fabulicious has garnered a notable following. The influencer marketing initiative resulted in a considerable expansion of account reach, especially among followers based in Dubai.

  • The impressions post-campaign showed a significant increase, reflecting heightened engagement.

  • Furthermore, there was a notable surge in the number of individuals visiting Fabulicious’ Instagram accounts, and a substantial uptick in external link taps also occurred.


  • The Facebook reach experienced a significant increase, showing positive growth.

  • There was also a notable uptick in post frequency compared to the days preceding this change.

  • Following the Influencer Marketing campaign, a considerable number of individuals visited the Facebook page, indicating enhanced engagement and interest.

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